Train Here. Confident Everywhere.

At Gauntlet Fitness, we have built what we believe to be the most effective workout in the world to achieve complete body fitness. The Gauntlet Workout is a fun, unique approach to fitness that will keep your body guessing and keep you mentally engaged. Each workout will fly by as you learn new strikes and move your body in different ways, training muscles that you normally do not use.

The entire workout takes a little less than an hour. The Gauntlet is designed to provide a thorough body workout and amazing results in the shortest amount of time. 45 minutes to a leaner, stronger, more confident YOU!


#1 Warm-Up

Get your heart beat up and your mind right. Our warm-ups vary every day just like the Gauntlet, using a variety of cardio, functional, and strength exercises that will prepare you to Run the Gauntlet.


#2 Run the Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is our patented workout consisting of 16 stations that change daily in order to achieve complete muscle confusion. Some stations are kickboxing specific while others incorporate body weight strength training and speed-based cardio. The best part is you have a trainer available while you Run the Gauntlet to ensure proper technique and to push you beyond what you thought your body could ever accomplish.


# Cool Down

After you Run the Gauntlet, our trainers will put you through various stretches that help cool your body down and guide your heart rate back to normal.