Why You Should Train Like a Boxer

One of the country’s most popular combat sports, kickboxing sees millions in the US compete and train every year. It can seem daunting or difficult to get into for some but kickboxing is actually one of the most versatile and rewarding sports available.

In this article, we are going to outline some of the key reasons why you should train like a kickboxer and how this will improve your athletic abilities, wellbeing, and life.

Great for Healthy Fat Burning

Few workouts, even cardio, can burn as many calories as training like a kickboxer. Because much of it involves bodyweight exercises and builds muscle where fat is lost, training like a kickboxer is a healthy way to lose fat. Between jumping rope, heavy bag work, shadow kickboxing, mitt works, and even push-ups, training like a kickboxer brings a versatile variety of exercises designed to make you sweat.


Teaches You Valuable Self-Defense Techniques

Like most combat sports, kickboxing brings some useful self-defense techniques that you can put into practice should you ever face an attacker. It is one of the most effective sports because it teaches you to hold yourself against others while in a stand-up position, which is more easily defensible, and places value on the impact of blocking.

Develops Your Strength

Due to the constant demand from your arms, you will notice your strength increase around your arms and shoulders. For people who struggle with neck and shoulder strain, this can have huge positive impacts on their wellbeing and daily life.

Conditioning Improves Resilience and Physical Tolerance

Conditioning exercises in kickboxing are designed to help you improve your resilience in sport and can do so without getting hit. We use kickboxing as a form of exercise where no one gets hit but develops their physical tolerance through carefully managed training sessions. By doing so, you are building your tolerance to pain and your resilience.

Improves Your Coordination and Reflexes

Training like a kickboxer focuses on your hand-eye coordination and your footing, really demanding you to concentrate on the peripheral awareness of your body and your limbs. Not only can this help your coordination in daily life and other sports but it can help to improve your reflexes because it demands good physical form and even better timing. Some of the best exercises in kickboxing to work on these include footwork drills and shadow kickboxing.

Builds Your Confidence

When you feel stronger and more capable within yourself, you’ll feel more confident in your body. Unlike fad diets or intense cardio workouts designed to cut fat fast, kickboxing allows you to become more in tune with your body and nurture your relationship with it.

Any form of training should focus on the physical, mental, and social benefits of it. Training like a kickboxer gives you the chance to work on these from a comfortable position.

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