What to Consider When Training in the Heat

Warmer months can have huge impacts on training and can mean that many people struggle to achieve the same stamina, results, or consistency in the heat. Luckily, there are practical solutions to training in the heat that can make it more realistic and accessible for your fitness goals.

Start With a Cool Shower and Keep Your Hair Wet

Even before you start training, take a nice cool shower that isn’t too cold but freshens up your skin. Consider cooling shower gels that contain peppermint and menthol, cucumber, avocado, or aloe vera. After you’ve finished your shower, pat your hair dry but leave it damp as a simple trick to keep cool while training.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

You already know that it’s crucial to stay hydrated during a high-energy training session and you also probably know that the human body needs more water in the heat. However, you might not know that sports drinks are the perfect companion to training in the heat.

Filled with electrolytes and potassium, sports drinks can help to rehydrate and replenish the body with safe amounts of sodium so you can keep training at a higher standard for longer.


Dress for the Heat

Choose lightweight materials that will let your skin breathe. Sweat-wicking training gear is ideal because it allows moisture to breathe through the fabric but, for a more affordable option, cotton can also be effective. Or you can go with fewer layers.

We also recommend choosing white colors and lighter shades. These reflect light and heat, keeping you cooler during your training.

Apply Sun Cream and Take Some With You to Reapply Later

It’s crucial to protect your skin from UV rays and you should consider wearing sun cream year-round if you have sensitive skin. However, when it comes to training in the heat, it’s even more vital to consider the harmful effects that direct sunlight can have on your skin.

Take a smaller tube of sun cream out with you or squeeze some into a travel case you can fit in a pocket so that you can reapply it again.

Adjust Your Training Times

The hours around midday (10 AM to 3 PM) are the hottest times of day during the summer in the US. We recommend doing your best to avoid this timeslot when you’re planning your training schedule.

Many of our gym members prefer to work out in the morning so that they feel the benefits of training during the day and sleep better in the evening.

Consider Training Indoors

It’s important to explore your options. Training indoors is not always possible but, if you can imagine a way to adapt your training routine, you should consider it.

Or Branch Out Into Water-Based Training

On that note, you can consider alternative ways to train. Swimming, surfing, and paddleboarding all offer versatile training opportunities that can be adapted to your personal fitness goals. These are also fun activities that family and friends may wish to join you in.

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