The 5 Most Common Myths about Women and Kickboxing Gyms

Did you know that three out of five women in America don’t get enough exercise?

Diet culture and unwelcoming gym environments have caused many people to develop an unhealthy relationship with exercise. Kickboxing for women could be the perfect solution for body and mind wellness, but there are all kinds of myths out there that prevent them from trying.

Have you been letting this misinformation about kickboxing gyms stop you from improving your health? Keep reading to learn about the most common kickboxing myths about women so you can get the facts straight.

1. Kickboxing Workouts Make Women Bulk Up Like Men

Kickboxing does tone every muscle, but toning is not the same as building muscle mass. The body needs a surplus of calories to create new muscle tissues.

This means that you don’t have to worry about building an unwanted amount of muscles unless you change your diet.

2. Kickboxing Classes Make You More Aggressive

We’ve all seen photos and videos of hulking men beating each other to a pulp. The idea of signing up for that kind of treatment sounds insane.

The truth is that casual kickboxing classes are all about building your strength and endurance for optimal wellness. You won’t turn into an aggressive person or get hurt by other aggressive people.


3. Kickboxing Gyms Are Intimidating for Women

It’s hard trying a new activity because chances are high that everyone else will have more experience than you. Instead of feeling judged, you deserve to be in an environment where everyone else will cheer you on and guide you.

Taking beginner classes at a high-quality gym will ensure that you get the attention you need and you can even make friends.

4. You Need to Be in Shape Before Taking a Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing is a high-intensity workout, so you’ll have an easier time acclimating if you’re not starting from square one. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to have a six-pack to fit in.

Beginner classes will go slower so you don’t push yourself too hard. Try to build up some stamina beforehand so you can have more fun during your class.

5. Kickboxing Workouts Are for Young People

You may be surprised to hear that the oldest person to compete in an MMA match was 70 years old! While you don’t need to compete in professional matches to be a true kickboxer, this proves that anyone can participate in this sport.

Many hurdles in life are ones that we create in our minds. Confronting those fears will allow you to reach your greatest potential.

Everyone Belongs in a Kickboxing Gym

Kickboxing gyms aren’t only for men. Now that you’ve dispelled these common myths, you can pump yourself up to try your first kickboxing class.

Are you ready to discover your new passion and take your wellness to the next level? Look at our class calendar so you can find the best workout time.