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The Gauntlet Difference

How are we the only gym like this in the area?

By having our program defined in 3 parts, we are able to do more for our bodies and create a well-rounded workout experience. Each trainer at Gauntlet Fitness is certified in the art of kickboxing by our very own Master Sheram. They are not only personal trainers, but a fully qualified team ready to help you accomplish your strength and fitness goals.

A Place Where You Can Feel Confident & Comfortable

Gauntlet is a safe, friendly, no-judgment zone – and we always will be. Our primary objective is getting people moving and enjoying exercise in a safe environment with equipment that's fun to use and workouts that suit a wide range of skills. If you need adjustments or struggle to keep up, our friendly team is here to help find what works for you. We want to help you feel the confidence and comfort to go further and do more in every single session. Our intimate class sizes of up to 12 ensure you get our full attention.

Training Roadmap

TRaining RoadMap


Every fitness class at Gauntlet starts with a solid warm-up session to ensure your heart is pumping and your body is ready for action. To keep things varied, we switch up our warm-ups at different sessions. From general cardio to functional training workout and strength exercises, our instructors spend between five and fifteen minutes on fun, effective, combination exercises to build you up to HIIT, core exercises, and more.

Once your body has warmed up, you're ready to Run the Gauntlet. Every Gauntlet session lasts 19 minutes and pushes you as far as your body will go to create the best possible results. Eight kickboxing towers, two minutes of HIIT, and taped-off areas are used to improve safety, create variety, and ensure you're training every single one of your muscles for the best outcome. Each tower circuit looks like this:

  • 30 seconds of form and foundation focus, ensuring you're hitting everything right with the support of our instructors.
  • 20 seconds of 50% action exercise, getting you in the groove and preparing you for ramping up to maximum effort.
  • 10 seconds of going all out, delivering your full force in kickboxing to get those muscles working and your blood pumping.

Rinse and repeat for each tower, getting your muscles working and your body toning effortlessly as each minute goes by. Add on two minutes of HIIT to really get your tone on.

Letting your body cool down and chill out following an intense workout is a vital part of the Gauntlet workout routine. We spend at least five minutes at the end of each session cooling off, stretching, and doing mobility work to get you ready for the rest of your day. Our cool-downs are the perfect time to break it down with your classmates, chat with our instructors about form, and get yourself in the right mindset for a positive fitness experience.

the ultimate boxing experience

the ultimate boxing experience

Gauntlet Fitness is the first gym in Alabama to use Corner Tracking Technology to give a full picture of your performance in real-time.

The #1 punching trackers in the world

Stay motivated during class

Real-time analysis and goal tracking

Elevate your punch rate, speed, power, and performance

Keep track of your progress

functional training workout

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