Kickboxing vs. CrossFit: Which One Is Better?

The gym and fitness industry is worth $32 billion today. People everywhere recognize how important it is to get fit and stay that way. Obesity is at all-time levels and heart disease is affecting people at younger ages. 

Getting on a fitness plan that keeps you energized and engaged can help you get in the best shape of your life. Kickboxing and Crossfit are two of the best workouts you can look into. But which is better?

We’ll explore both of these high-energy workouts below so you can be the judge. 

Kickboxing Is an Intense Cardio Workout

There’s a reason that martial artists are some of the fittest people on the planet. Coordinating your body to consistently throw accurate punches and kicks requires lots of energy and is enough to get your heart rate up. 

You’ll get prolonged cardio benefits in a half-hour or hour kickboxing class. It’ll help you lower your blood pressure and build your cardio endurance. 

Consider the type of cardio you’re looking for when you explore kickboxing vs Crossfit. 

Crossfit Is High Energy

When you want explosive, non-stop energy with your workout, Crossfit might have an edge on the kickboxing workout. With Crossfit, your sessions are typically short, but you’re constantly rotating between several different types of exercises. 

There’s a strong sense of camaraderie in Crossfit classes, which also adds to the energy of the workout. 

Kickboxing Teaches Martial Arts Techniques

Kickboxing vs. CrossFit

With kickboxing workouts, you get the chance to practice striking technique again and again. 

Learning some martial arts techniques might inspire you to take up kickboxing in earnest. Practicing martial arts requires lots of energy and intense discipline. It’s excellent for your mental health and can keep your stress levels low. 

While most kickboxing classes strictly focus on fitness, you’ll still feel a bit safer in the streets knowing you can throw a punch or a kick if you ever have to defend yourself. 

Crossfit Is Unpredictable

Kickboxing classes aren’t as unpredictable as Crossfit. While kickboxing classes tend to have a set warmup regimen and different drills, no two Crossfit classes are likely to be the same. 

A Crossfit workout is the exercise of choice for anyone who hates the predictable. You get to be spontaneous and versatile so that you resist plateauing and getting too used to the workout. This allows your muscles to grow and you’ll end up working more of your muscle groups long-term. 

Crossfit or Kickboxing?

If you like workouts that are intense and high-energy, you can’t go wrong with either. These workouts are exactly what you need if you’d like to sculpt your body, burn more calories, and challenge yourself. Do your research so that you can figure out what kind of workout you’re more likely to stick to four or five times a week. 

From there, look for a gym that can get you started. 

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