How to Avoid Burnout When Training: 4 Easy Tips

Did you know that genes play a critical role in determining a person’s reaction to exercise? 

Each person has unique motivations for working out, but with too much training and not enough recovery, there is a risk of burnout. 

If you are training or trying to get in shape and don’t want to dread gym sessions, there are a few things to try. 

Keep reading if you want to discover the best tips to avoid burnout when you are in the heat of training! 

1. Set Goals 

One of the best ways to avoid burnout is to set short and long-term goals.

avoid burnout, set goals

Having realistic goals will give you a path to follow and keep you pushing towards the next thing. Training burnout can occur when athletes aren’t feeling challenged enough or know what to expect next. 

Don’t worry if you need to adjust your goals as you start working toward them. You may discover that you need to build up other muscles before excelling in another area, for example. Keep your goals attainable, measurable, and concise. 

If you work with a trainer, they will also use your goals to help keep you motivated. Most people recommend setting kickboxing and cross-training goals at the beginning of your journey.  

2. Change Up Your Routine 

If you’ve been doing the same workout routine for a few weeks or longer, you need to change things up.

Constantly working the same muscles won’t be a challenge and you’ll get bored at the gym. Working different muscles will show you the importance of exercising the entire body. As you build muscle in other areas, different machines and workouts will become approachable. 

Don’t let yourself get bored with your routine. When you are having a tough time, consider joining our classes to enter a fun environment. If you need a new and specialized routine, a private lesson can help! 

3. Give Your Body Time to Recover

Most people don’t realize it, but the body takes an average of 72 hours to recover after a strength training session.  

Underestimating or cutting this time short can lead to burnout, especially if you’re injured. When you are in a constant state of discomfort because your body hasn’t recovered, you’re less likely to enjoy what you’re doing. Try to give your body time to rest and do light cardio instead. 

Opting for an easier workout or using different muscles can keep you engaged without feeling overwhelmed. 

4. Enjoy Yourself 

If you aren’t enjoying yourself at your local gym, Gauntlet Fitness can provide a fun environment. 

When you feel healthy and strong mentally, it’s easier to perform physically. Try to surround yourself with a fun group of people that turn workouts into a game. Our members practice kickboxing together, which can relieve stress. 

Make the most of your session and trust that your workout will improve your health. Being reminded of the benefits and positive aspects can reduce feelings that lead to burnout.  

Don’t You Want to Avoid Burnout?

Much like jobs, you can also get burnt out at the gym and lose motivation.

By going to our classes and changing your workout routine, you can enjoy yourself and avoid burnout. Your workouts will become much more approachable when your body has time to recover and you aren’t sick of doing the same thing. 

Don’t be afraid to ask our team about specialized programs that will improve your muscle tone. 

Be sure to join our membership program, Gauntlet Fit will give you the best exercise tips and keep you motivated!