How Kickboxing Can Help Boost Your Metabolism

Are you bored with your current exercise regimen and are looking to try a new motivating fitness routine? Or maybe you’re looking for a high-energy workout to help you lose weight and get your ideal body in a relatively shorter time. If so, consider signing up for a kickboxing class. Kickboxing is a hybrid combat sport developed by combining the techniques of Karate and boxing. It was developed in the 1950s for self-defense purposes but has since been widely adopted as a high-energy cardio and strength training workout.

One of the main benefits of kickboxing is that it’s very effective at raising your metabolism which enables the body to produce more energy, helps improve blood circulation, and cleanses the body of toxins faster. Other benefits of a higher metabolism include: faster weight loss, prevents the accumulation of fat in the body, and leads to a better facial complexion which boosts your confidence. If you’re looking to raise your metabolism here are 3 ways kickboxing can help you accomplish that goal.


1. Builds Muscle Mass

Kickboxing involves several kicking, punching, and footwork motions that activate a wide range of muscles in the body all at the same time. For instance, your glutes, your arms, your shoulders, and your core all get simultaneously strengthened as you constantly move around. This encourages lean muscle development in the areas that are constantly put under stress. These lean muscles help improve your resting metabolic rate which is basically a metric for the number of calories your body burns when it’s completely immobile.

The resting metabolic rate is responsible for 60%-75% of the energy your body expends when you’re not moving. This means that as you build more lean muscles you’re also raising your resting metabolic rate which helps you burn more calories at rest facilitating faster weight loss.

2. Boosts Your Cardiovascular Fitness

Since kickboxing is a form of cross-training that engages several muscles and involves a lot of rapid movements, it causes your heart rate to rise by placing great demand on the body to supply more oxygen and energy to the muscles in order to maintain the intense activity. The higher your heart rate the more calories you burn and consequently the higher your metabolism rises. It’s also worth pointing out that kickboxing doesn’t just challenge your physical body but also challenges your mental endurance and concentration all of which place great demand on your body and collectively work to raise your metabolism.

3. Offers Interval Training

Unlike traditional workouts that involve the same routines day in day out that can quickly become stale and less effective, kickboxing involves a wide variety of movements that ensures your workouts keep feeling fresh so your body doesn’t get used to them. The stimulus from the varying intensity workouts, new motions, and muscle engagements all work together to raise your metabolism and strengthen your physique.

Ready to raise your metabolism and improve your overall health and fitness?

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