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Gauntlet is for everyone. We have clients with a vast range of different ages, from 15 to 72. If you're fit and healthy or want to improve your fitness, Gauntlet is suitable for you.

We welcome everyone to join in on our workouts. The first step to getting started is trying out a trial class, which will allow our specialist trainers to understand your fitness level and recommend the best program for you.

Never join a gym until you tested the waters. We offer what we think is the best way to get a feel for the Gauntlet community. 

We offer 2 weeks of unlimited classes for first timers wanting to get the full G experience. For only $45, get 14 days straight of unlimited classes & a free pair of padded gloves to call your own. 

We offer classes for all ability levels. If you'd like to improve your strength and fitness, we’re the place for you.

Gauntlet is for anyone that wants to improve their fitness, strength, and relieve stress. If you want to lose weight as well, good news! Losing unnecessary weight is a healthy, normal part of increasing your regular exercise..

It is recommended to exercise at least 3-4 times per week for optimal health benefits. A minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity should be performed each time. More frequent or longer duration of exercise can be beneficial as well. It is also important to include a combination of aerobic and strength training activities in your routine. High-intensity interval training, where short bursts of intense activity are alternated with recovery periods, is especially beneficial for improving cardiovascular fitness.