Do I Need to Wrap my Hands Before Boxing?

You’ve undoubtedly seen images of professional boxers and MMA fighters wrapping their hands before a match. Like many people, you may have wondered if wrapping your hands was even necessary. The fact is that hand wraps in boxing are important for many reasons, and if you are thinking about getting into the sport, here are a few things you need to know about hand wrapping.

Safeguarding Against Injury

Each hand contains 27 delicate bones, all of which are held together by a series of ligaments and tendons. Your hand’s framework is very fragile and isn’t designed to absorb the heavy impact of boxing. Hand wraps provide the additional support that’s needed to protect you from sprains, strains, and fractures.

While wraps do provide protection, they do not adequately cushion the knuckles. Boxing gloves, on the other hand, offer to cushion the blow but do little to support the hands. As a result, you should wear both hand wraps and boxing gloves to ensure your hands are fully protected.

Improving Your Technique

When worn correctly, wraps prevent your wrist from bending too far forward or backward. They keep your hand and wrist in perfect alignment, making it possible for you to throw more accurate punches. After wearing hand wraps for some time, you may notice that you can hit harder with less effort than before.


Increasing Endurance

Properly aligning the wrist and hands makes it easier for your body to absorb shock. Consequently, you may notice fewer vibrations and less pain in the thumb, forearm, and elbow as a result. This means you can perform high energy training longer without feeling fatigued or worrying about an overuse injury.

Reduces Pain and Promotes Healing

Even with the proper safety precautions, boxing injuries can still occur. Should you experience an injury, hand wraps can go a long way toward reducing discomfort. They can even provide you with the necessary support for healing, provided you follow your doctor’s orders concerning rest and rehabilitation.

When to Wear Hand Wraps

Now that you know the benefits of hand wraps, you may be wondering how often you should wear them. A few occasions when hand wraps are a must include:

  • During a formal match or sparring event
  • When training on a heavy bag or with a sparring partner
  • While shadowboxing
  • During a kickboxing class

When Performing At-Home Drills to Help Perfect Your Technique

Hand wraps are recommended anytime you perform boxing techniques. Injuries can happen anytime, so it’s always best to take precautions. But wearing them even while training alone is also a good idea, as you will not have to adjust to the feel of hand wraps whenever you are in a formal setting.

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