Training Roadmap

April Mack

Personal Trainer


In 2013, April Mack walked into a 4 pm Friday Shark Tank Class (hardest class of the week) very intimidated but excited to see what Gauntlet is all about. Isn’t kickboxing for people that want to fight, get hit, and to teach you how to beat up someone?

Following the workout, April knew she had found something that she loved. It is very intense, but the trainers kept it fun and motivating. It became something that changed her life and allowed her to grow in every aspect of her fitness journey!

The assumption is that April has always been into fitness; the truth is that she was just another busy single mother that could not find the time or the motivation to get in shape. In 2012, April was invited to do a 10lb weight loss challenge. Today she is 60lbs down and in the best shape of her life. In 2015, April was approached by members of the Gauntlet about becoming a Personal Trainer, to which she happily obliged. Her story, motivation, and work ethic inspire Gauntlet members and trainers every single day.


Level 3 Gauntlet Kickboxing Certified- (Master Sheram)

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Level 2 Hapkido