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The Best Kickboxing Classes in Birmingham

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The mission of each and every one of our trainers is to help you live a confident, encouraged, energetic, and healthy lifestyle.


Feel empowered and confident by your peers as you strike your way into new fitness levels and abilities you never thought you could.


A variety of full-body workouts that keep every session new and different – not only for your body but your mind! 



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    A solid 25 minute cross-training workout aimed to help reach your fitness goals. In 25 minutes or less, we guarantee to get your heart up utilizing a mix of HIIT, strength-training, cardio, & functional body-weight exercises. Our personal trainers curate & customize these workouts each week to keep things fun & fresh, but most importantly, effective.

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    The Gauntlet

    Our Gauntlet provides the best kickboxing classes in Birmingham; it gets you moving with strengthening and muscle-training skills using eight kickboxing towers. For 20 minutes, you'll put yourself into the Gauntlet headspace, bringing your body to peak performance and keeping your blood flowing.

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    Cool Down

    Winding down with stretching and mobility ensures you get the most out of every single session. Our breakdown offers the opportunity to return to baseline and provide your body with the cooling-off it needs to achieve the best possible results from every workout.

30-Minute Workout

Also known as G Express, our compact 30-minute workouts perfectly fit into your busy lifestyle, allowing you to get the most out of your exercise to achieve the best possible results. With a full-body workout from cross-training to our Gauntlet round, we get your heart pumping & your body sweating for peak training in only 30 minutes.

45-Minute Workout

Our longer 45-minute workouts offer the ideal intensity for anyone looking to up their training and feel the burn. Our unique, fun approach gets you up and moving, complete with warm-ups and cool-downs to help your body go even further in every session. Forty-five minutes of pure, intense action to get your blood pumping.

the ultimate boxing experience

the ultimate boxing experience

Gauntlet Fitness is the first gym in Alabama to use Corner Tracking Technology to give a full picture of your performance in real-time.

The #1 punching trackers in the world

Stay motivated during class

Real-time analysis and goal tracking

Elevate your punch rate, speed, power, and performance

Keep track of your progress

functional training workout

find a class

find a class

Want to work out with us in the best kickboxing classes in Birmingham? Start by booking a class with one of our expert instructors.

kickboxing classes in Birmingham



6:00a, 7:00a (30 minute G Express), 9:00a,
12:00p (30 minute G Express), 2:00p, 4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p

Tuesday | Thursday

12:00p (30 minute G Express), 2:00p, 4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p


6:00a, 7:00a (30 minute G Express), 9:00a, 12:00p (30 minute G Express), 2:00p, 4:30p



Membership Packages

Membership Packages

First Class


Thinking about attending a class to see what Gauntlet is all about?

Then our first-class pass is the ideal option for you. This is the perfect introduction if you want to know what we do and how we do it.


2 Weeks



Want to take your experience up a notch?

With our 2 Weeks Unlimited pass, you can see everything that Gauntlet has to offer with as many workouts as you want on tap as a new client. Why not get to know us better? Gloves now included.




With eight classes per month at two classes per week, our G2 tier membership is the ideal option for anyone with a busy lifestyle looking to get their workouts in.

If you can't commit to everyday fitness, this membership is the best choice for you.




Get your sweat on with up to 12 classes per month or three classes per week.

G3 membership is the standard for many of our clients, giving you access to all the Gauntlet you need to build your fitness and improve your health.


G Plus


Can you say unlimited access?

G Plus is the gold-tier membership for anyone that loves Gauntlet as much as we do. Attend as many classes as you want and enjoy free use of our Corner Punching Trackers. Ideal for any daily fitness fan.

*Reach out directly for our college student, school teacher, nurses, first responders, military or family!



Just can’t thank you enough for starting Gauntlet Fitness! I’m in the best shape of my life and continue to transform my body with each workout. The mental health benefits are invaluable too. It’s the best therapy I’ve found! I’ve tried everything from aerobics to Zumba to turbo kick and I’ve never gotten the results or satisfaction from a workout like I do from this program. The Gauntlet is not only a great workout but also a fantastic stress reliever after a long day at work. I’m getting the best workout ever and at the same time, I’m learning self defense moves that make me feel safer and more confident about shopping or traveling alone. So addictive and LOVE IT!!!

- Jake Witzman

As a high school track and cross country athlete, I won six state championships. I attended Troy University on a Track and Cross Country Scholarship. During my time at Troy, I was running an average of 80 miles a week and weight training with a strength and conditioning coach 3 days a week. Needless to say, I was in great shape. So, hear me when I say this… because of Gauntlet Fitness Kickboxing… I am in better shape now than in college! I’m not telling you this to brag - I’m telling you this so you can get in on the goodness, should you choose.

- April Shaling

I am enjoying the pleasure of experiencing this facility first hand. The Gauntlet team should be very proud of what they have built and overall concept surrounding Gauntlet Kickboxing. As an engineer, the first mental thought and word that came to my mind when I first walked through the doors for the first time was…Primal! Raw steel carefully laid out to facilitate circuit type fitness and total body workout … aka … The Gauntlet! After every workout, physically drained, mentally recharged, tongue hanging out, out of breath, and sweating… I get a great workout that compares to nothing. Well done Gauntlet Fitness… you are on your way!

- John Stalcup

I read a lot of comic books and watch a lot of movies with superheroes, but the gauntlet taught me how to be my own hero and fight my own battles. It's a gym where you can improve your mind and body. Not only did I lose weight, but I gained confidence, focus, and perspective. We are all capable of whatever we put our minds to, and the gauntlet will show you that.

- Ashlyn Brown

Gauntlet is more than just a place to go workout- its like a family. All of the trainers at this gym go above and beyond to help you reach whatever goals you may have (not just physically but also personally and emotionally). They are each extremely talented and their different backgrounds helps to create a well rounded gym experience. I love that the warm-ups change each day so you never get bored. They are constantly coming up with new workout ideas to push us and better us physically and mentally. Hands down the best gym experience I have ever had.

- Shelby Bergsteresser

I always like group workouts which are more fun and interactive rather than working out on your own. If you don't like working on machines (typical cardio machines) Gauntlet is the perfect place. All the trainers are supportive, knowledgeable, and motivated.  They will encourage and push you to find your limits. Highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to give it a try. You will love it. Lastly, if you are having a long day at work what's a better way to relieve your stress - punching and kicking.

- Karthik Chowdary