6 Kickboxing Facts to Take You From Novice to Expert

If you’ve been kickboxing for a while, you may be thinking about how you can improve your game and take it to the next level. Often, people begin to plateau at the end of the novice level and have a hard time transitioning into an expert. If this is you, you’re not alone. It’s easy to begin kickboxing but it’s difficult to achieve expert status. If you’re in this boat, here are 6 kickboxing facts, all of which can give you the confidence to level up your kickboxing game.

1. Learn Better Distancing

Kickboxing is a mix of attacking and defending and the best way to know when to attack or defend is to understand distancing: the space between you and your opponent. Being too far away can hurt your chances of attacking and being too close could allow your opponent to break down your defenses. That’s why a well-rounded fighter will have full knowledge of his or her distance so they can measure their opponent and find the perfect window for an attack.


2. Improving Your Defense

In basically every sport there’s an adage that says defense wins games. Well, the same can be said for kickboxing. The better defender you are, the harder the opponent you’ll be able to defeat. Why? Because no matter the opponent, a good defender will always be able to break down an attack. This goes for facing a power puncher, a swift kicker, or even someone who can do both. Improving your defensive prowess should be a priority if you’re looking to improve your fighting skills.

3. Timing is Key

You can learn every offensive and defensive technique in the book, but none will be effective unless you understand how to deploy them with proper timing. In kickboxing, timing is everything — and it’s made up of a few factors: Speed, distance, and patience. Timing is the basis for improving all other aspects of your game, including combo attacks, blocking, reflexes, counter-attacks, and more.

4. Practice Often — and Practice Smart

You can hit the gym every day and practice for 10 hours, but that will never be as effective as practicing smart. This means practicing tactics that you can utilize in a matchup. Don’t rush your practice either; it’s vitally important to make sure you’re doing your routines and practices correctly rather than quickly. High-energy practices are great but remember to keep your head on your shoulders and practice smart techniques as well. Even if you’re just sparing with a friend or family member, remember to take it slow and perfect your technique.

5. Train Your Body

Practicing your fighting moves and ring techniques are great, but to become a better fighter it’s critically important that you continue to improve your body. That means hitting the weights, improving your speed and quickness. This will not only make you a better fighter, but it will also make you a more confident fighter. And a fighter with confidence is hard to stop.

6. Work on Your Combinations

Single punches and kicks can end fights. But not everyone has the punching power to knock down their opponent. That’s why practicing combinations is important to your overall progress.

If you’re looking to take your kickboxing skill to the next level and go from a novice to an expert, contact Gauntlet Fitness for more tips from the experts.