3 Tips for Improving Your Punching Power

Punching power refers to the amount of kinetic energy that a person generates in their punch. Kinetic energy is the energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion. Increasing punching power has a number of benefits, including within combat sports and in self-defense scenarios.

If you are keen to improve your punching power, this blog post is for you. Here, the expert team at Gauntlet Fitness will share 3 practical tips for improving punching power. This includes performing specific exercises, using the correct form and technique, and strengthening your body.

1. Strengthen Legs and Core

Even though many people would associate punching power with upper body strength, the reality is that much of the power in punches comes from the legs. The legs are the foundation of technique and strength. The amount of power the legs contribute will depend on the specific type of punch that is thrown.

The core provides a similar amount of power to a punch as the legs. Force is transferred through various different body parts to produce a punching movement and the core is at the center of this. Strong core muscles will help to transfer force during a punching action.

2. Hit the Gym

punching power

With regard to the legs and the core, there are many exercises that will help to increase your punching power. For legs, these include plyometric exercises such as jumping lunges, weighted lateral jumps, side box jumps, front box jumps, scissor jumps, and lateral skater jumps. 

Core exercises for stronger punches include barbell rollouts, battling ropes, hanging leg raises, landmine rotations, lateral oblique holds, band rotations, medicine ball rotational throws, and suitcase carries.

Gauntlet Fitness specializes in kick-box training and cross-training workouts, and will create personalized plans to help you reach your specific power goals.

3. Use Correct Form and Technique

Correct form and technique are essential to getting the most out of punching power. Bending your knees forms part of a punching technique, something that is often called “sitting down on punches.” Standing upright doesn’t allow your lower body to contribute the power that is required for a strong punch.

Upper body rotation is necessary, as you can produce extra velocity by properly rating the torso and shoulders during a punching movement. Planting your feet is also important (given how so much power comes from the lower body), so avoid lifting your feet during the punching motion.

The final tip here is to focus on precision. Inaccuracy will greatly affect the effect of a punch. A less powerful punch that hits the target will be more effective than a strong punch that is off target.

With punches, the chin and temple are typically the focus and can help to produce a knockout.

The best place to improve your punching power is at Gauntlet Fitness. Our professional trainers are here to help you reach your fitness goals and enjoy every step of the journey. Click here to find a class.